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User management

User role types & differences overview


Scope of permissions  

Organization manager  

  • Grant access to a SafeBox via the Organization management;
  • View SafeBoxes consumption reports and users' logs;
  • Manage users;  
  • Create projects;  
  • Manage projects; 
  • Create and manage Safeboxes;  
  • Grant access to safeboxes to project manager and user roles;  
  • Perform actions within SafeBoxes a user is assigned.  

Project manager 

The Project manager permissions are only within the project's assigned role of Project Manager. 

The following permissions available: 

  • Manage projects;
  • Create and manage safeboxes; 
  • Grant access to SafeBoxes to user; 
  • Perform actions within safeboxes a user is assigned. 


The User permissions are acting only within the user of the project assigned. 

The following permissions available: 

  • Manage SafeBoxes (resume, suspend or reboot); 
  • Perform actions within safeboxes a user is assigned. 
User section

The following scenarios available to open the general Users section: 

  • Header > Users tab;
  • [Organization name] dashboard > Users tile > See more;
  • Project dashboard > Users tile > See more.

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful: 

safebox_projman_1.pngThe General Users section is displayed in 2 blocks: 

  • Information block – this block contains detailed information abuts Users in the organization;
  • Actions block – this block provides the options to operate with the assigned users.

safebox_projman_2.pngUsers data is grouped into the following categories:




Indicates the unique name of the user.


Indicates the email of the user.


Indicates the organization user has been assigned to.


Indicates the quantity of SafeBoxes user has been granted access to.

safebox_projman_3.pngUsers actions are grouped into the following categories: 

  • Edit - enables a user to enter Edit user section (see Roles management);
  • Logs - allows a user to enter User’s logs page (see User’s logs).

safebox_projman_4.pngThe SafeBox total counter enables a user to monitor the total amount of SafeBoxes user has been granted access to.

safebox_projman_5.pngThe Search field allows user to search for users by any keywords.

safebox_projman_6.pngThe Manage users button enables a user to navigate to the user's management page (see Organization management).


Roles management

The Organization Manager role grants automatically after purchasing the SafeBox. A user can be granted the Project manager & User roles by the Organization Manager.

The following scenarios to access the Edit user page is available: 

  • Header > Users tab > Users page > Select user > Actions Edit. 
  • [Organization name] dashboard > Users tile > Select user > Actions Edit. 
  • Project dashboard > Users tile > Select user > Actions > Edit 

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful: 

safebox_projman_8.pngThe option to change roles is available by clicking on the Role field and selecting another in a drop-down list. 

safebox_projman_9.pngThe option to save the user role is available under Submit button. 

Apptimized provides the following notification when successful:  

safebox_projman_10.pngThe option to revert to the Users section is available by clicking Back. 


User's logs

The following scenarios are available to enter the User’s logs section: 

  • Header > Users page > Select a user > Actions > Logs;
  • [Organization name] dashboard > Users tile > Select user > Actions > Logs;
  • Header > Projects page > Select project > Actions > Dashboard Users tile > Select user > Logs. 

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful: 

safebox_projman_11.pngThe user’s logs section allows monitoring all the actions performed by the selected user. 

User’s log section is performed in information block – contains detailed information about SafeBox Users actions. 

Log's data is grouped into the following categories:




Indicates the User’s name.


Indicates the exact date of the action produced by the user.


Indicates the URL address of the SafeBox page with which the user interacted. 


Indicates whether the action was successful or unsuccessful. The following results available: 

  • OK – indicates that the action user interacted with was successful;
  • Failed – indicates that the action user interacted with was unsuccessful. 


Indicates the User’s IP. 

User Agent 

Indicates the user’s browser produced the action. 

Project assignment

The option to assign user to a project is available under the Edit project section (see Edit project). 

Project members section allows assigning Users to a project. 

safebox_projman_13.pngThe option to assign user to a project is available by clicking on the User account. 

safebox_projman_14.png The following buttons for assignment available:




This button allows assigning all the available user accounts. 


This button allows to unassign all the assigned user accounts. 

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful: 

safebox_projman_17.pngThe option to save the settings is available under the Submit button 

Apptimized shows the following notification when successful:


The option to revert to the Projects page is available under the Back button. 

Safebox sharing

The option to share a SafeBox with a user is available under the Edit SafeBox section (see Edit Safebox).