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Prerequisites and firewall rules

The following prerequisites apply for Apptimized SafeBox: 

1. Browsers:  

  • Google Chrome with version 75.0 and above  
  • Mozilla Firefox with version 60.0 and above  
  • Apple Safari with version 12.0 and above  
  • Microsoft Edge with version 83 and above 

2. Enabled Java-script in browser

3. Endpoint PC or VM with access to the 80 and 443 port of host

4. Firewall white list:  


Description  Address for access to Apptimized SafeBox

Address for working with RDP connections in Apptimized SafeBox 

Granting permissions to communicate via WebSocket SSL protocol is needed

Address for single sign-on

Address for manage organization configurations  Address for screenshots storage 

Address for Apptimized user documentation 


Address for access to support chat widget 


Address for Apptimized SafeBox virtualization service. 
Granting privileges on wildcards subdomains is needed. 

Granting permissions to connect via RDP protocol is needed