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Apptimized TO GO Hypervisor infrastructure

Infrastructure components

Apptimized TO GO allows a customer to turn a local machine, PC's or VM's into Apptimized VM so that they can be used for discovery and testing.

Apptimized TO GO can be used for discovery and testing on local test PCs or VMs in the customer's own environment.

Apptimized TO GO infrastructure depends on the type of solution a customer chooses (see Case 1).

Case 1. A customer implements Apptimized TO GO agent with the TO GO hypervisor connector scenario. 

The figure below shows the scheme of the Apptimized TO GO infrastructure.


The infrastructure components details are described in Table 1.

Table 1. Infrastructure components



1. Apptimized Portal

The platform where Apptimized customer manages projects portfolios.

Requires an active project with enabled and configured Apptimized TO GO settings.

Technical requirement for working in Apptimized:

1. Browsers:

  • Google Chrome (version 75.0 or above);
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 60.0 or above);
  • Apple Safari (version 12.0 or above);
  • Internet Explorer with (version 11.0);
  • Microsoft Edge with version 83 and above.

2. Enabled Java-script in browser;

3. Speed of internet connections – min 50 Mb/s.

4. Enabled firewall white list:;;; *

2. Customer Environment

Information technology environment, including software, hardware, and systems (e.g., endpoint PCs, VMs, servers, networks).

The access of endpoint PC or VM to the 80 and 443 port of the host is a prerequisite.

2.1. RDP proxy server

RDP proxy server is a third party between the customer and the service (the Apptimized Portal). RDP proxy server helps to provide a rather high level of protection of customer’s sensitive data and valuable information and to achieve anonymity.

A Docker engine versions 19.03 and above are used.

Docker container is used to provide a virtual desktop environment using the RDP proxy server.

A Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes a full asset portfolio of functionality to run an application (i.e., code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings).

ks uniformly despite differences for instance between development and staging[1].

RDP proxy server is used to display VM in browser. Otherwise, it can be skipped. 

Note. A minimal specification for RDP proxy server (to handle 15 VM’s at the same time) are the following:
2 cores of VCPU;
8 Gb of RAM;
80 Gb disk storage;
1 Gigabit Internet connectivity.

2.2. TO GO hypervisor server

This is a server with functionality to manage TO GO hypervisor connector.

2.3. TO GO hypervisor connector

Apptimized TO GO hypervisor connector is a software that manages the VMs inside customer infrastructure (e.g., launching them, stopping, making snapshots, etc.).

A simplified scheme of the Apptimized TO GO hypervisor connector:



The following scripting languages implement depending on what virtualization software is used:

  • SSH (for VirtualBox);
  • vSphere API (for VMWare);
  • PowerShell Remote (for Hyper-V).

2.4. VM hypervisor

This is a server which controls all VM infrastructure

2.5. Apptimized TO GO agent

Apptimized TO GO agent is a software that sends information from the VM to Apptimized (i.e., screenshots, user actions, etc.), and does not controls VM in any case.

Apptimized TO GO agent allows a customer to turn a local machine, PC's or VM's into Apptimized VM so that they can be used for discovery and testing.

The Apptimized TO GO agent must be installed and launched on a local PC by the local administrator.