Apptimized SafeBox User Manual



Apptimized provides a special Glossary section containing all the abbreviations and specific terms concerning Apptimized SafeBox. 




SafeBox enables a user to run an operating system within cloud-based virtual environment. The following SafeBoxes sizes are available: 

  • S – SafeBox with 2 CPU & 4 GB RAM;
  • M – SafeBox with 2 CPU & 8 GB RAM; 
  • L – SafeBox with 4 CPU & 16 GB RAM. 

Single sign-on (SSO) 

An authentication technology enables an Apptimized user to securely log in with single credentials to any Apptimized solutions or services he has a subscription. SSO can be reached by entering the link: 

Administration management portal 

The administration management portal includes an Organization Management application – which enables a user with an interface to manage organization configurations and manage users and monitor subscriptions within the organization. The administration management portal is available at


The SafeBox billing model is pay-as-you-go. User pays for SafeBoxes, depending on their size – S, M, or L and how many SafeBoxes operate. There are no monthly recurring fees if SafeBox is not being used. SafeBox bills at the beginning of the month, only for used SafeBoxes during the previous month. The count starts after the provision of SafeBox. 


An organization dashboard is a graphical user interface that provides at-a-glance views of key SafeBox performance indicators relevant to a particular organization or project. 

SafeBox statuses 

Each status indicates the state of the SafeBox. The following statuses available: 

  • Pending;
  • Downloading;
  • Starting;
  • Running; 
  • Saving;
  • Resuming; 
  • Suspended; 
  • Terminating; 
  • Terminated. 


Detailed information about the SafeBox consumption with an option to download in CSV format. 


A single file is typically made through a sector-by-sector replication of the source medium to create a copy (clone the structure and contents) of a hard disk to be later used for disk backup, restoration, or copying to a virtual machine. 


A captured state of a system in a particular time point is usually used as a backup copy or as a basis to troubleshoot issues. 



Log in

Apptimized SafeBox is available at 

Before starting the Apptimized SafeBox application, it is recommended to check the list of prerequisites and firewall rules available by the link - Prerequisites and firewall rules.

Apptimized SafeBox supports login via single sign-on (see Single Sign-On).

Apptimized creates a default project automatically (i.e., Initial Project) after the user logs in a system for the first time. 

Instructions on creating a project are available in the chapter Create project. 

In the case of a user being assigned to a project, Apptimized shows the Project list page screen: 

safebox_intro_01.pngOnly the Organization manager user role has permissions to assign users to a project.


Apptimized SafeBox user experience

The following scheme shows SafeBox's user workflow (both for the existing and new user):



Apptimized Welcome Email

Upon completion of the purchase process of Apptimized SafeBox via a user receives the following email:

safebox_intro_03.pngUser's login credentials and link to SafeBox quick guide will be provided in the email.

Apptimized SafeBox settings

The option to access the SafeBox settings is available under the Settings tab:

safebox_intro_04.pngApptimized provides the following screen when successful:

safebox_intro_05.pngSafeBox settings tab provides an option to change the SafeBox Color scheme.

The option is available by clicking on the Color scheme block: 

safebox_intro_06.pngApptimized provides the following scheme to change the color: 

safebox_intro_07.pngThe Scheme allows the User to select colors from a color picker. 

The option to submit changes is available by clicking SubmitApptimized provides the following notification when successful: