The following scenarios to open the transition screen available:

  1. My Dashboard > My Applications > Choose the project > Actions column > Process option;
  2. Project menu > Dashboards > Overview > Your assignments module > Choose the application > Actions column > Process option;
  3. Project menu > Dashboards > Portfolio > Actions column > Process option;
  4. Project menu > Import > Start import > Classic import / Import from CSV file / SCCM Import /Catalogue & UM Import > Application upload session > Finish

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful:


The packaging process starts by clicking the Packaging module on the Transition screen. An imported application into a project is a prerequisite.


Two packaging scenarios available in Apptimized portal:

  • Packaging – Self Service;
  • Packaging – Factory Service.

Packaging – Self Service

A user implements a built-in packaging tool on VMs – Apptimized Workspace. A user can easily in a couple of clicks create one or several packages of multiple formats and send them to Apptimized for further testing or deployment.

Packaging – Self Service characteristics:

  • A user packages the application using the Apptimized Packaging Tool;
  • A user creates and customizes MSI, App-V, MSIX, VSL packages;
  • A user customizes an existing package or sequence;
  • A user tests and debugs installations.

The Packaging - Self Service option is available under the Packaging - Self Service module in the Transition screen.


Apptimized shows the following screen when successful:


Packaging tab

Start VM

The field Select packaging – self service platform is filled automatically and can be changed if needed. To change the packaging – self service platform, click the drop-down menu as it is shown in the screenshot below:


The option to revert to the transition screen is available under the Go to Transition screen button.

The option to start the packaging – self service process is available under the Start VM button.

A user can track the VM loading and deploying. Apptimized shows the following screen:


Note. There is often a situation when a user has already run 2 VMs in parallel. To continue planned activities within the current workflow step, a user must terminate an irrelevant VM. In this case, Apptimized shows the warning box with a list of VMs which are currently running by the user:
The information is grouped into the following categories in the modal window: 
1. Application
2. VM started time
3. Workflow progress
4. Link
The option to select a VM for termination is available under the Go to VM link. A new tab opens when successful:
When a VM is terminated, a user returns to the screen where he needs to restart a VM (previously a user started a VM but received a modal window with a list of running VMs).

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful:


Note. If the internal error while starting VM occurred, Apptimized shows the following screen:
The following actions are recommended for consideration by a user:
1. Contact the Apptimized support
2. Go to image page button > Select discovery – self-service platform field > Start VM button

The option to restart VM is available under the Restart button.


Apptimized shows the following modal window to confirm restart the task:


Apptimized shows the following notification when successful:


Workspace Launcher

General overview 

Apptimized Workspace Launcher is a Windows-based application that provides a user with a packaging toolset within Apptimized cloud environment. 

With the Apptimized Workspace Launcher, the cloud environment is prepared according to user’s preferences so that any additional activities to start packaging are not needed. 

With the release of the Workspace Launcher, new shared storage implemented that empowers a user with the enhanced upload and editing capabilities:

  • Editing packages is available both via Apptmized Packaging Engine and favorite third-party tools.
  • All packages synchronize automatically from the VM to the project once it is located in the Packages folder.

Apptimized Workspace Launcher enables the user with additional tools, as part of their daily packaging experience. With Apptimized Workspace (providing Discovery, Packaging, Testing as Self-Service) by implementing Workspace Launcher, users can add to the functionality already offered to overcome many packaging scenarios. The Apptimized Workspace Launcher comes preinstalled on Apptimized VMs and could be launched by a shortcut on the VM’s desktop.