Upload package to the Microsoft Intune from the Apptimized portal

Package requirements

Apptimized portal supports the following package formats:

Table 3. Package formats

Package type



Only packages with a single MSI file are supported.

All external files (i.e., CAB and CMD files) should be included in the MSI package.

The package size is capped at 8 GB per package.


The INTUNEWIN file is created through the use of the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool. The packaging tool converts application installation files into the .intunewin format via zipping all files and subfolders

To use Win32 app management, a user must ensure the following criteria:

  • Windows 10 version 1607 or later (Enterprise, Pro, and Education versions);
  • Devices must be joined to Azure AD and auto-enrolled;
  • Windows application size is capped at 8 GB per app.

Learn more.

Apptimized portal shows an error message when these requirements are not fulfilled:


Upload the package to Microsoft Intune

Before uploading the package to the Microsoft Intune, a user must ensure the availability of a ready-made package. The package can be generated using the Packaging – Self Service or Packaging – Factory Service steps of the Project workflow. Learn more about how to package the application.

Note. Packages are available for upload from the Apptimized portal to Intune only after finishing the Packaging step (Self Service or Factory Service). In other words, the ready-made package that was imported to the project on the Import step (i.e., the Package step is skipped) is not available for upload to Intune.

Apptimized portal supports the One-To-One-Integration model (i.e., 1 Apptimized project can be integrated into 1 Client App on the Microsoft Intune).

The option to upload the package to Microsoft Intune is available under the Project menu > Dashboards > Portfolio > Select an application > Actions column > Push to Intune option.



Apptimized portal shows the following screen when successful: