Application registrations

The application registration is carried out in the Microsoft Azure portal via administrative credentials. A user can choose one of the following types of accounts:

  • A tenant admin account;
  • A tenant user account (with the enabled “Users can register applications” setting).

The option to open an application registration page is available under:

  • Microsoft Azure portal > Azure services > App registrations;


  • Microsoft Azure portal > Search > Enter a search request (i.e., “App registrations”) > Select the service in the list > App registrations;


  • Microsoft Azure portal > Menu > All services > Enter a search request (i.e., “App registrations”) > Select the service in the list > App registrations.


Microsoft Azure portal shows the screen when successful:


The option to create a new application registration is available under the New registration option.


Microsoft Azure portal shows the Create window when successful:


To create a new application registration, a user fills in the fields in the form (see Table 1 and the Microsoft Azure manual).

Table 1. A new application registration

Field name Details
Name This field sets a meaningful application name to display to users (i.e., Apptimized Intune Test)
Supported accounts

This option identifies types of accounts that can use the application.
Three options available:

  • Accounts in this organizational directory only;
  • Accounts in any organizational directory;
  • Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts.
Redirect URI

This setting is optional, and the values can be provided later.



When clicking on the Register button, Microsoft Azure portal shows the following screen: