Single Sign-On

About Single Sign-On

Apptimized Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication technology that enables an Apptimized user to secure log in with single credentials to any of Apptimized solutions or services he has a subscription. 

Before starting the Apptimized SSO application, it is recommended to check the list of prerequisites and firewall rules. 

The Apptimized SSO application is available under the 

User sign-on experience 

The following scheme shows a user login experience (both for the existing and new Apptimized user):


No need to reconfigure accounts for the existing Apptimized users. Therefore, existing credentials will continue to work.

In the case a password is not consistent with the organization's security policy settings or is expired, a password update is required.

Log in to Apptimized Passport

 The following screenshot shows the login screen to Apptimized Passport:


The login to the Apptimized Passport is available under the following scenarios:

  • Email field > Password field > Login button;
  • Use Microsoft button;
  • Use LinkedIn button.


Apptimized produces a secured cookie with an encrypted session ID to automatically login on the next visit. The automatic login option is available under the Remember my login checkbox.

Note. In instances of two-factor authentication is enabled for the account, the log in procedure will be as follows:

Apptimized shows the following screen when successful: 


Ten attempts to provide credentials available by default. The number of attempts can be changed by an Organization administrator. The account locks when attempts deplete. The assistance on this issue is available under the Apptimized support team email ( or via .

When a user is logged into the Apptimized SSO application, organization settings can be performed in the Organization Management application.

Restore a password

The option to recover a password is available under the Restore my password link:


Profile tab 

This tab enables a user: 

  • To make changes to the user’s profile data (i.e., first name, last name, occupation, department, avatar). 
  • To export personal data. 
  • To delete an account. 
Account avatar 

By default, the system assigns a user a random image. 

The option to change the avatar is available under the Update button: